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I am a studio manager at SFCHWP - San Francisco City Hall wedding photography studio.

Creative Photo vs Creative Approach

Capturing interesting, creative images at San Francisco City Hall should not be hard? After all, it’s an incredible building that offers countless photo opportunities. In this article, I will try to explain what is the meaning of the “creative approach” that produces long-lasting memories instead of just an “Instagram worthy” photos. What is a definition…

Group photos at the San Francisco City Hall

As a part of my studio manager job, I get asked lots of questions. Some of them are very simple, others are more complex and require a level of imagination. What I never been asked is: “what is your approach when it comes to group photos” – and its a bit strange as at least…

Can a friend photograph your SF City Hall Wedding?

It’s not uncommon for engaged couples to ask themselves: can a friend photograph our wedding? It’s very simple and small at San Francisco City Hall and we only need few pictures. The simple answer is yes, it can be done largely thanks to evolving technology that is forgiving to amateur photographers and given of course,…


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