Chasing The Light


Take a look at the images that were greatly affected by a sunlight inside the building...

It's not a secret that San Francisco City Hall was planned in a way that allows beautiful light patterns crossing the building during the day. This is especially prominent during the winter months.

It's a common knowledge that soft light is preferable for the most part when photographing people. Sunlight is considered a problem when it comes to portraits or documentary coverage in which subjects must look good. So naturally, you won't see too many photos that feature direct sunlight. However, when used wisely, sunlight in an overall darker environment can help creating a really unique imagery.

Architecture: A Stunning San Francisco City Hall

A Wide Angle Collection

The Ceremony: SF City Hall Wedding Ceremonies

Close-ups & Wide Angle Collection

Emotions: Take a closer look at our SF City Hall Couples.

Close-ups & Medium Range

Details: Shoes, Flowers, Jewelry and more!

creative & Fun Ideas

Grand Staircase: A favorite Location For Many Couples!

Epic Spots & Ideas

Videos: See Visual Stories We Create.

Slideshows & Fusion Videos

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