Have questions?

We’ve put together a simple FAQ for you to review but feel free to contact us for specific details. Our pricing is always public and full description is given to each package.


Q. How many photos will we receive?

Depending on your package it can be as little as 25 and as many us 500+

Q. When is the best time to get married at SF City Hall?

A: We recommend an early morning Ceremony (9-10AM) or after 3PM.

Q. What are the best locations for photographs at City Hall?

A: San Francisco City Hall is beautiful inside-out. We consider each spot there to be beautiful but The Grand Staircase and the 4th floor are the most popular.

Q. Can we bring more than six guests?

A: We’ve seen numerous times couples brought more than 6 guests. in 99% of the cases no-one cared. However the Covid-19 pandemic will most likely cause City Hall to enforce the rules.

Q. Can we read our own vows?

A: Generally no, but officiants sometimes allow it. You can also do it after the ceremony in the private area and we can photograph you.

Q. Can we request our photos not to be published?

A: Yes, we offer full NDA option.

Q. We are not US citizens, can we get married at SF City Hall?

A: Yes, anyone with valid passport can get married at City Hall and receive a legal marriage certificate. It can be mailed internationally.

Q. Are you permitted and insured to photograph at City Hall?

A: Yes and yes.

Q. We are camera shy. What should we do about it?

A: Relax as much as you can. Each client is different. Some are very easy going, others are very stiff and camera-shy. Leave this up to us: we know how to work with camera-shy couples.

Q. Can you photograph our evening dinner or a reception on a different day?

A: Yes. We can customize a package for you.

Q. Will our photos be edited?

A: Yes.

Q. Can we visit another location after the City Hall?

A: Yes. But keep in mind that San Francisco City Hall is so beautiful, we often spend hours there. We’ve once spent 4 hours with a couple from Singapore just for portraits inside the building.

Q. What is the best day of the week to get married at City Hall?

A: From Best to Worst:

1 – Wednesday. 2 – Tuesday. 3 – Thursday. 4 – Monday. 5 – Friday.

Q. I have to get married on Friday. What are my options?

A: Most of our City Hall weddings happen to be on Friday. We know how to handle the most complex situation even if things not going according to a plan. If you can avoid Friday, it will make our life easier and may improve your photography results a bit but with some patience Friday and open mind can be handled.

Office of the County Clerk Main Page

In the County Clerk's office, people and businesses file documents which relate to: fictitious names of businesses; marriages; domestic partnerships; notaries public; environmental impact reports; and others.

Fees - Marriage & Domestic Partnership

A Complete list of fees for marriage related services provided by The San Francisco Office of the County Clerk.

Marriage Licenses & Ceremonies FAQ

An official FAQ from the Office of the County Clerk. Everything you need to know about SF City Hall wedding ceremonies rules and regulations.

Forms - Marriage License - Public & Confidential

San Francisco's County Clerks Office Public and Confidential Marriage License Registration Page.

One-Hour Weekday Weddings Schedule

A complete calendar of booked and available dates to rent a space on a weekday at San Francisco City Hall.

San Francisco City Hall Rental Fees

A schedule of San Francisco City Hall rental fees including, one or two hours, as well as full weekend weddings based a on guest count.

Deputy Marriage Commissioner for a Day

California Family Code Section 401(b) allows the Commissioner of Civil Marriages in the County to appoint deputy marriage commissioners to solemnize marriages in California. This is an optional service provided by some counties.

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Check out our cinematic love stories


Being so close to our clients on the wedding day allow us to capture many intimate moments on film. The end result can be put together in a form of a cinematic story.

Our photographers have decent experience in taking and producing videos. And since intimate weddings do not require a large scale production team, these moments are relatively easy to capture.

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All our packages include high resolution files from the entire ceremony.

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