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San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
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 21 reviews
by Mel V on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
Amazing Experience

Megan was very responsive on such a very short notice. How short? 1 day notice to be exact. Megan made it very swift and easy for us. She answered all questions promptly and clearly. It was very seamless.

Joey was our photographer, such an amazing and fun photographer to work with. He knows very well the nitty-gritty in the SF City Hall, navigating us from start to finish, so you're always in good hands the whole time of the ceremony. Joey took amazingly great photos, really impressive. We love it!!! 🙂

by Arthur G on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
My January wedding

We are married on January 3 this year! We chose San Francisco City Hall because it was so pretty and we loved all the pictures that we saw online. We began to search for a photographer the way most do, we used Google! After looking through a series of pictures, we chose these photographers! I have to tell you, I was a little uneasy handling the transaction entirely by email and the Internet.

From the beginning, however, the team (Megan) was very supportive and answered all my questions and even exchanged emails with my wife to be at the time. We all felt pretty good going into it after that.

The best part for me happened at the courthouse! My fiancé knew somebody that worked there! Her contact asked us if we had a photographer and we said yes. His name is Joey! My fiancé's contact lit up instantly! Her and the gentleman that was going to conduct our ceremony, both knew Joey well and said we were in great hands! We were so happy to hear that.

The experience was amazing, he captured a lot of amazing candid moments and worked really well with us on our posed pictures and really helped us look our best. Joey was keenly aware of all the best spots to capture pictures and he was patient and friendly throughout the experience!

We absolutely love how our pictures turned out and cannot thank the good folks at SF Photography enough!

Great value, excellent service, fair pricing and just great folks!!!!

by Kelly Charman on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
Beautiful photos-love them!

Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to the team at SFCHWP! Having just seen all our wedding photos all I can say is WOW! You guys have made our wedding day by capturing these beautiful images that we could only have dreamed of having. We eloped from the UK, just the two of us, so we are just elated that we have so many special moments caught on camera to share with our families. The wait was definitely worth it, we cant stop looking at them and smiling! Special thanks to the team for making the experience so calming and fun, you made us feel totally at ease when we were at our most nervous. Also, thank you to Megan for making the planning process so simple-communicating with us every step of the way before and even after. We've actually ordered all of our photos because there were so many fantastic ones it was hard to narrow them down, they're worth every penny!

by Srimoyee on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
Great experience and would recommend

I was looking for a photographer for my city hall wedding and came upon San Francisco city hall wedding photographer via yelp. Megan was extremely responsive and made the planning process incredibly easy. On the day of the wedding Joey was on time, gave us some great tips on the wedding process and even knew our officiant! He was hilarious and kept myself, my husband and our guests laughing which resulted in some great pictures. Joey was also nice enough to accompany us to our apartment so we could get a picture with our cat Morris. Overall great experience and would recommend!

by Catherine on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Although we had a full wedding planned in another city, we ended up deciding on a whim to dress up and get a photographer for our civil ceremony at city hall. Joey was amazing. He was so professional, but also made us awkward kids really comfortable.

Both my husband and I are rather shy, so we wanted to have a part of the wedding journey start with just us. Joey did an incredible job of recording everything without making us feel like we were on camera. He also met us early for extra photos, and helped us navigate the city hall process.

All in all, I'm so glad that we decided to go with SFCHWP/Joey. He was the extra thing that took an otherwise bureaucratic event into something beautiful. I love my photos and memories!!!

by Sarah on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
Awesome Wedding Photographer

It's been more than a year since we have availed Joey's services to document our wedding. The photo packages are reasonably priced and Megan was very helpful in setting us up with him for our big day on such a relatively short notice. He and his apprentice photographer (sorry, I forgot her name) took many wonderful pictures, we had a difficult time picking which ones to keep. This studio is a great choice for those looking for a photographer to document their SF City Hall wedding.

by Sanne on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
A must for a city hall wedding!

We knew our ceremony was going to be 5 minutes or so (sweet and short!) and so it was an absolute must for us that our family wouldn't be burdened with taking photo's and missing the moment. We chose SFCHWP because we liked the package of only photographing the ceremony and a couple of portraits. We are very happy with the results and ended up upgrading to a bigger package as we couldn't choose! Thank you SFCHWP for capturing our wedding day!

by Jodi on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
We had so many beautiful pictures it was hard to decide our favorites.

We planned our wedding entirely online and we were a little bit nervous about booking a photographer online because you just never know if it's for real. We got to City Hall the day of the wedding and just hoped that a photographer would actually show up. When we met him he was awesome, he had so many great ideas for pictures and made us laugh and calmed our nerves. We also used him as our witness for the wedding. I think for anyone choosing to get married in San Francisco, this is definitely the company to use. I would highly recommend them. We had so many beautiful pictures it was hard to decide our favorites.

by Karina on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
Joey beautifully captured our wedding day

SFCHWP and our photographer, Joey, beautifully captured our wedding and I could not be happier with our entire experience. On the day of our ceremony, Joey was efficient and quick-moving to make sure we had the best photo opportunities among the foot traffic at City Hall. Our family and friends who saw our photos but were not in attendance at the wedding wondered if we had reserved a section of City Hall, but we did not as we got married in a civil ceremony. It was Joey's experience, skill, and knowledge of City Hall's intricacies that made us appear in our photos as if we had the entire venue to ourselves. Reserving the Rotunda at City Hall for a private wedding will cost a couple thousand dollars. Although we did not pay this price, we did benefit from the same backdrop thanks to Joey. Our photos and slideshow came out absolutely gorgeous and I've received lots of glowing feedback on them.

Not only does SFCHWP studio produce great artistry, they also provide excellent customer service. Megan was very responsive with my many questions and always followed up throughout the file production process. I highly recommend SFCHWP!

by Sylvia on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
I highly recommend SFCHWP

I highly recommend SFCHWP for their wedding photo service.
We chose a small photo package, but our photographer Joey took so many beautiful photos, it was quite hard to pick favorites. He also helped convince the judge to marry us in the 4th floor atrium. The lighting and atmosphere were both great.
It was really easy to get a quote from SFCHWP, and pay for the photos. The overall experience is very smooth, and the price is very competitive. Good wedding photography does not have to break the bank!

by T.K. on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
Megan was very helpful

My husband and I highly recommend SF City Hall Wedding Photography. Megan was very helpful and answered all our questions in a timely manner. We had Joey the photographer. He was professional, spontaneous, and fun. He was very experienced in his work and also knew all the good locations to take the pictures. We appreciated that he gave us a heads up that the parking lot across the city hall was full that day and informed us where he was going to meet us. He took such beautiful pictures of us in such a short amount of time. We were very impressed. Joey made our wedding experience at city hall very memorable and very relaxed, just the way we wanted it to be!

by Nemil on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
The photographer was amazing

The photographer was amazing. Not only he clicked us tons of beautiful photos in tons of poses, not only did he guide us through the proceedings through the city hall, he was so funny that me and my wife were laughing through each and every photo. It felt like he was one of the close guests in our wedding and completely satisfied with the photos we got. Thanks for this awesome experience!

by Sarah L on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
We are so grateful!

Five stars is not enough praise for this company! Joey did an incredible job for my husband and me on our wedding day! Joey was completely available from the first call to the last, helping with any questions we had. He was prompt and very professional. We could tell we were in great hands! The judge that married us knew him very well and assured us that we would love our photos, and of course, we absolutely love the work he did! Joey went above and beyond to give us the best experience possible. He even recognized that no one was getting married on the fourth floor and managed to convince our judge to let us get married in a private ceremony which usually costs $1000! Megan and Joey also provided our slideshow and gallery before the deadline and we were able to view them only a couple weeks after our private ceremony. I can't say enough praise about our experience with this company. We needed them very last minute and we were able to receive prompt and professional service on very late notice! We are so grateful!

by Greg on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

I can't say enough wonderful things about this photography team. Our photographer, Joey, met us on-time as we were registering. He was super knowledgeable about the best locations, with the lightest foot traffic. He must have taken over 100 different poses, singularly and with family. The poses weren't your typical family poses, although there were some of those, but we also were able to take some artistic photos as well, which really make our album pop.

Have a photographer that is super familiar with the location is paramount to getting good shots.

I've recommended this team over and over and when I share the cost, people can't believe it. We ended up ordering all of the photos, after a review online. Follow-up emails were promptly responded to.

I highly recommend this team to anyone doing a City Hall wedding. The photos tell the story and make the day super special.

by Shilah on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

My husband and I had such a blast shooting our wedding photos! Neither of us consider ourselves very photogenic, but the pictures came out so well. We got so many compliments from everyone and the photographer was funny, talented, and knew the city hall schedule like the back of his hand. Working with Meghan was easy and she was very helpful and informative about everything. We would absolutely recommend working with them!

by Rachel Clarke on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
Friendly & Stress-free

Very friendly, simple, no-stress photography. Great rates and service. We had a City Hall wedding, and the photos we got back were beautiful. Would recommend to anyone.


by Joanne on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
Nothing short of excellent!

The service we received from start to finish was nothing short of excellent, my husband and I both travelled far to meet in San Fransisco and get married. Despite the easy booking process, I reckon it would have been a stressful situation queueing and waiting for our ceremony if it hadn't been for our fabulous photographer.

He swept us off pre-ceremony for photos in the city hall. Not only did we get the most amazing shots, but we laughed and giggled with him the whole way through. He even managed to capture my husband smiling... which is very impressive as he is particularly camera shy.

They really know the venue and the process inside out which makes these photographers a treat to work with.

I am also utterly delighted with the photo's... love them all!! Thank you so much SFCHWP!

by Julia B on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
Truly highly recommended

It's a bit embarrassing because I wanted to write this review right after we received our photos (one year ago) but only managed to get to it now. Our photographer was Joey and besides taking great photos he was super helpful in navigating City Hall. As for the photos, we ordered the smallest package at first but Joey took more photos after the ceremony and we ended up getting a lot of them because they were really good. Truly highly recommended!

by Ashley on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
SFCHWP is Awesome!

So easy to deal with after my husband and I decided to elope at City Hall. The pictures came out better than we could have ever expected and our family and friends were blown away with how stunning they were. I would highly recommend them!!

by Lace on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
Highly recommended

Highly recommended! Service is excellent and they reply to a text, phone call and emails on time, which makes the wedding preparation less stressful.
Joey is very professional, funny, can command the crowd and great pictures.Megan is also wonderful.Thank you so much!!!
Reasonable price too...

by Melanie M on San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
Prompt and Professional

I used this photography service for a wedding right before Christmas. Joey was very prompt and professional. He took a lot of images and made us feel comfortable. He also served as our witness. The pictures that we received back were well done and made me very happy. Also, every email I sent was answered promptly. I would definitely use this business again and I would recommend them to friends and family.