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Q: How many guests can we bring for Rotunda Wedding?

A: City Hall allows to bring no more than six guests. City Hall started to enforce this number in May 2019. Groups that include more then 6 guests may not get a Rotunda and may be directed to a Ceremony room located near the County Clerk Office. We try to avoid this situation and have a number of advices for larger groups on how to get married in the Rotunda.

Q: What is the best day to get married at City Hall?
A: Fridays usually quite busy at City Hall but since City Hall allows four couples per batch, they usually run on schedule.

Q: City Hall allows ceremony reservations 90 days in advance. Can we reserve your services first?
A: Yes. However as soon as you confirm the reservation with the City Hall, please let us know. Alternatively, you can work with the City Hall event department and rent a private space. This way you can make a reservation ahead of 90 days mark.

Q: Do you edit photos?
A: Yes. Color correction and basic editing are included. Images will be ready for printing.

Q: Are you certified to work at City Hall?
A: Yes.

Q: How do you calculate poses?
A: Each time we give direction and pose you in a certain way is considered one pose.
We will take multiple shots with slight variations within the same spot and will give you a choice to download your included digital photos/files according to the package description.

Q: Is family portrait considered a pose?
A: Yes. And while each pose usually captured using multiple images, you will be able to choose your best single image from the particular set.

Q: With $425 package B do we get to choose our three formal photos/files?
A: Yes. Three digital files are part of this package.

Q: How many photos we get in package A?
A: You get at least 25 digital photos from the moment officiant/judge starts the ceremony till the final moment of the first kiss. Additional 3 posed formal portraits taken in the Rotunda will be included as well.

Q: Can we exchange some of the ceremony photos from the package A, B or C for more posed photos?
A: No. The only way to get more posed/formal/candids or other non-ceremony photos is to book hourly based (D,E,F) package.

Q: Can we have all the files and not just a few selected ones?
A: Yes. Please select our one hour or higher package.

Q: Can you act as our witness?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we make our own prints?
A: Yes.

Q: How will we receive the photos?
A: Online or via mail on USB.

Q: Can we change the images or song in the online slideshow?
A: Yes. We offer this option at an additional fee of $10 per replaced image. We also offer fully customizable slideshows starting at $375. Songs can be replaced at $50-1$100 depending on a complexity of the edit.

Q: Are payments refundable?
A: No.

Q: Can we order retouching?
A: While we edit images to make sure they are ready for printing, special retouching can be ordered as well at $75/Hr.

Q: Can we downgrade or upgrade the package at the later time?
A: No. Packages cannot be downgraded after the booking. We allow package upgrades before the actual wedding day. Packages cannot be upgraded after the wedding.

Q: Do you offer in-person consultations?
A: No. Our packages and prices are based on online bookings only. We will be happy to schedule a phone/skype chat if needed.

Q: What is the price per digital photo/file if not included in the package?
A: All of our packages include Ceremony files at no additional cost. Depending on the package, a certain number of additional digital photos/files will be included as well. Our Hourly packages include all the files. The standard fee for a digital file that was not included in the package is $50.

Q: What is the quality of the online slideshow?
A: Except with Package F, included slideshows presented in DVD quality.

Q: What is a file?
A: A digital high-resolution image that can be downloaded and printed.

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