Couple at the Fourth Floor Gallery
Walking at Fourth Floor Gallery
Kissing by the Window at SF City Hall
Wedding Shoes at Fourth Floor Gallery
Bride at Fourth Floor
SF City Hall Dome
SF City Hall Dome 2
Happy Couple at SF City Hall
Guest Taking a Video at Fourth Floor
Couple and Guests at Fourth Floor Gallery
City Hall Ceiling
Reflection Image
SF City Hall Architecture
Panoramic Fourth Floor
Double Exposure at Fourth Floor
Fourth Floor Gallery Kiss
Full Lenght Wedding Portrait
Thoughtful Bride at SF City Hall
Post Ceremony Fourth Floor
Kids at City Hall Wedding
Couple and Officiant at fourth floor
Couple at Fourth Floor Gallery 3
City Hall Dome Interior
Playful Couple at SF City Hall
Bride on the Fourth Floor 2
Stylish Bride at SF City Hall
Fourth Floor Reflection Image
Groom carrying bride
Post Ceremony Walk at SF City Hall
Happy Couple at the Fourth Floor Gallery
Bride in a Blue Dress at SF City Hall
Emotional Moment during Civil Ceremony
Wedding Bouquet
Romantic Photo at Fourth Floor Gallery
Kissing on the Fourth Floor of SF City Hall
Above the Rotunda
Fourth Floor Wedding
Flowers at Fourth Floor Ceremony
Red Bridal Dress
Sunlit City Hall
Two Brides at Fourth Floor Level
Shadows Portrait
Wedding Portrait at Fourth Floor Gallery
Couple during Fourth Floor Ceremony
Couple at the Fourth Floor Gallery 2
Bride at Fourth Floor Gallery
Panoramic View of City Hall

San Francisco City Hall - 4th Floor

If your wedding is a little bigger or you desire privacy, consider booking the Fourth Floor Gallery for your civil ceremony. Not only will you have a dedicated space for your event, but you will also be at a gorgeous location, which overlooks the entire building. And I guarantee that you will love the photos taken under that golden dome!

Other locations: Main Entry, Grand Staircase, Rotunda.

3365 Sacramento St #435, San Francisco, CA 94118