Rotunda at SF City Hall
Panoramic View of the Rotunda
Rotunda Kiss!
Rotunda Ceremony 2
Couple at Civil Ceremony
Panoramic View of the Rotunda 2
Bride, Groom and Officiant
Grooms in Matching Shoes at SF City Hall
Couple at the Rotunda
Selfies at Civil Ceremony
Panoramic Photo of the Rotunda
Post Ceremony at the Rotunda
Joyful Bride at SF City Hall
Bride and Groom Kissing
Dog at SF City Hall Wedding
SF City Hall Groom 2

San Francisco City Hall Rotunda

Rotunda is really the heart and soul of San Francisco City Hall and it is where the majority of civil ceremonies take place. With its neoclassical columns, white marbles, lovely chandeliers, and soft natural light, Rotunda is ideal for ceremonies and photoshoots. Because Rotunda is shaped like a wedding ring I think it is symbolic that so many couples get married there. It is always a great choice but choose wisely. Remember Rotunda is a public place and City Hall is a major tourist destination. If you want to avoid crowds, consider scheduling your ceremony early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Tuesdays and Wednesdays appear to be least crowded. If crowds do not concern you, go ahead and book whatever is most convenient. Rotunda is lovely any day of the week and I will make sure to take beautiful photos of you there. The slideshow below includes Ceremony photos most of which were taken in the Rotunda.

Other locations: 4th Floor, Grand Staircase, Front Door.

3365 Sacramento St #435, San Francisco, CA 94118