Inside San Francisco City Hall: Our Emotional Approach to Capturing Ceremonies

As photographers, we pride ourselves on our ability to capture ceremonies inside San Francisco City Hall with emotion, architectural elegance, and an understanding of light. We are dedicated to preserving the unique love stories that unfold within the Rotunda, Mayor's Balcony, and 4th Floor Gallery, creating visual narratives that celebrate the union of two souls within the grandeur of this iconic venue.

Laughing Bride at SF City Hall
Rotunda Wedding
Couple and Officiant at SF City Hall
Family Members at SF City Hall Wedding
Bride at Civil Ceremony
Marriage Certificate
Couple and Parents at SF City Hall
Father of the Bride at SF City Hall
Mayor's Bal
Two Grooms at SF City Hall
Rotunda Ceremony
Kissing at the Rotunda
Groom at SF City Hall
Headshot of SF City Hall Bride
Mothers at SF City Hall Wedding
Kids at SF City Hall Wedding
Couple and Officiant at SF City Hall Wedding
Fourth Floor Ceremony 2
City Hall Bride with a Flower Wreath
Couple during Fourth Floor Ceremony
Panoramic Photo of a Rotunda Ceremony
Couple and Family at SF City Hall
Bride in a Black Dress
City Hall Dome
Post Ceremony Kiss
Guests at SF City Hall Wedding
Same Sex Wedding at SF City Hall
Groom in a Uniform at SF City Hall
Ring Exchange at SF City Hall 2
LGBT Wedding at SF City Hall
Multiple Generations at SF City Hall Wedding
Teary-Eyed Bride at SF City Hall
Post Ceremony
Couple and Wedding Officiant at SF City Hall

Rotunda: A Symbol of Unity

The Rotunda, with its soaring dome and intricate detailing, is a symbolic and elegant location for wedding ceremonies. As photographers, we are inspired by the Rotunda's circular design, which represents unity and wholeness. We thoughtfully incorporate this architectural element into our images to emphasize the everlasting bond being forged between the couple.

Mayor's Balcony: A Touch of Grandeur

The Mayor's Balcony offers an intimate space with a touch of grandeur, overlooking the magnificent main hall. Here, we carefully frame our shots to capture the couple's emotions against the backdrop of City Hall's architectural splendor. We use the balcony's unique vantage point to create a sense of depth and scale, highlighting the significance of the event.

4th Floor Gallery: A Fusion of Light and Architecture

The 4th Floor Gallery is a popular choice for its expansive views and abundant natural light. We expertly harness this light to enhance the emotions and atmosphere of the ceremony. By incorporating the gallery's large windows and classic archways, we create dynamic compositions that celebrate the venue's architectural beauty while showcasing the couple's love story.

3365 Sacramento St #435, San Francisco, CA 94118