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You’d think that it would have been hard for Sanne and Dan to get together. They’re both sociologists and both thought the other was way beyond reach. Adding to that, Sanne is Dutch and lives in the Netherlands and Dan is American lives in California.

Eventually they discovered that their non-research interests relating to each other. How to date? Skype to the rescue. They would stay up all night skyping. They’re looking forward to telling their grandchildren how maw maw (Dutch) and gramps (more American) skyped through the night and flew back and forth from San Francisco to Amsterdam. They have wonderful memories of traveling through Europe together.

Sitting at the breakfast table one morning, Sanne was feeling down about living so far apart. For this very cuddly couple, she may have been near meltdown and Dan just happened to have an engagement ring burning in his pocket. So his planned proposal on a beach beautifully became the breakfast table proposal.

Wanting to get married as soon as possible and with their families living so far apart, they decided on a San Francisco City Hall wedding. Luckily some of her Dutch relative were able to be there with them. And who would have thought that an entire bus of Dutch tourists would be there at the same time and be able to witness them getting married? Maybe the slight burst of rain that day really was a California good omen.

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