Post Ceremony Photo
Bride and Groom at SF City Hall
Wedding Selfie
Couple at County Clerk Office
Passionate Kiss by the Grand Staircase
Panoramic View of the Grand Staircase
Bride at the SF City Hall Fourth Floor
Full Lenght Portrait of SF City Hall Bride
Groom and Groomsmen at the County Clerk Office
Military Groom
SF City Hall Bride and a Friend
Couple at City Hall Entrance
Two Brides at SF City Hall

When it comes to presenting our work, it is important to understand that no wedding is the same, no couple is the same and City Hall locations availability changes. There is more: it gets crowded, some areas become more complicated to work at, special events may take place. Because our style does not rely on availability of a specific spot, you won't see the same exact poses you may be exposed while researching for a wedding photographer who specializes in SF City Hall. Our focus is people and we don't care much about the empty grand staircase.

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