Welcome to our Pricing page. San Francisco City Hall is open and our services can be booked starting June 9th, 2021.

From $375

Our rates start at $375 including the full Ceremony Coverage with at least 25 photos delivered (usually 50+).

Plans A, B, C

A, B, C packages are catered towards clients who consider the Ceremony to be the most important element and interested in a smaller number of high quality images.

Plans D, E, F

D, E and F are our comprehensive hourly packages that allow us to take advantage of the entire building and it’s amazing backgrounds and result in hundreds of images.

Pricing Plans


The packages A, B, C are offered to clients who are interested in a smaller number of quality photos.

Which package should you choose?

Notice that Packages A,B and C are structured in the way, you don’t need to pay for the photos you don’t need or like.

If you looking for just a simple coverage of the Ceremony and few high quality portraits afterwards, Package B would be the best choice. It gives you both the Ceremony coverage as well as some posed photos you can choose from the collection we will take. In package A, the posed portion is A-la-Carte.

Unlike packages A, B and C, the rest of the packages include all the photos.

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SFCHWP is 10 years old! Thank you for visiting and please take a look at what is important to us.

We are:


Look at our work. We don’t just take photos, we create story.


We are are pros and take your assignment very seriously.


Our team is fully insured, drive updated cars, has all the backup equipment and more.


We are easy to work with, listen to our clients, have a sense of humor and always stay positive.


Count on us to be your personal guide! And we will be happy to act as your witness.


With over 500 weddings covered, there is literally nothing we did not see at City Hall. We know all the judges by names and now every little corner of the building.

Since 2011

SFCHWP been around for over 10 years.


We strive to deliver best possible results and have verified 5 star rating online.


Your schedule is important to us and while small talk is welcome, we will always be focused on our work.

A token of appreciation to our active Armed Forces duty members and veterans

Since the establishment of SFCHWP in 2011, we tried our best to offer discounts to service members and veterans. Today, we want to take this a step further. We are proud to announce that starting July 2020, we will be honoring our active military and veterans by giving out a free civil ceremony package each month.

What are the Ceremony Files/Photos?

Images that were taken during the actual Ceremony are saved in a digital (jpeg) file format. We call these images the Ceremony files. One file per actual photograph. We usually take more than 25 photos during this time. In that case, you will receive more photos at no additional cost.

What is the main difference between Plan A and B?

In terms of a number of photos, that are included in package A and B there is no difference. All images from the actual Ceremony will be included. Package B will also include 3 posed portraits that can be taken at additional locations. Even with package A (time permits), we can visit additional spots and include the images in a separate a-la-carte folder.

Do all packages include high-resolution files?

Packages D, E, and F include all high-resolution digital files taken before, during and after the ceremony. Packages A, B and C include a certain number of high-resolution files.

What is the “Safety Window”??

Sometimes deputy marriage commissioners and county clerk office runs behind the schedule. If this happens, the coverage will be extended at no additional cost.