The Office of County Clerk | Photo Collection

When it comes to photography inside the San Francisco City Hall, most couples don't associate the County Clerk's Office and the nearby area as a photo-worthy location. Afterall, who would expect great photos taken in office-like space?

Yes, The County Clerk's Office is a place that is used for marriage license and wedding Ceremony appointment registrations and most of the time spent there, couples simply wait to be called in. However throughout almost ten years we specialize in City Hall weddings, we've discovered that the County Clerk's office is actually a great place for candid photography. Here is why:

A large number of couples do bring few guests to their City Hall weddings and while waiting, there are always funny conversations, touch-ups, and often guests who have never met the bride or groom being seen for the first time. All this happens downstairs before the actual Ceremony.

Yes, County Clerk's office is not a prime area for wedding portraits (see Grand Stairs or 4th Floor), there are by far better places but when it comes to cohesive visual story, it is a great place to begin the coverage.

3365 Sacramento St #435, San Francisco, CA 94118

marriage license and a ceremony check-in